About Us

Mike's Delivery Inc is family owned and operated since 1986.



Mike’s Delivery Inc is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service by delivering your freight on time and in perfect condition.



Mike’s Delivery Inc recognizes that our job of delivering your product to your customer is the most important step.  We are a family owned company and our company culture reflects that.  Your customers are our customers.



Mike’s Delivery Inc is 100% hands on.  We may do things a little different.  This is what sets us apart and gives us the ability to oversee the attention to detail of every box and every BOL that we handle.  It is unconventional and it works.  Whether your CSR team has a question for our administrative staff or you need to speak to Mike directly we are available. 



Over the last 35 years we have grown organically from a Ford pickup truck to a fleet of tractors and trailers by word of mouth alone.  Our current projects are improving our technological presence which includes dashcams, GPS tracking of all of our fleet, and real time POD’s.